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Size: M (22-25cm)

Colour: Green

• Deo-double Plus© Professional Antibacterial and Deodorizing Technology
• Remains 99.9% antibacterial even after 50 washes
• Antibacterial combed cotton with fully breathable weaving, enhancing moisture-wicking and sweat absorption capabilities
• Solid yarn structure with delicate high stitch count, improving wash and wear resistance
• LYCRA® premium elastic fiber, ensuring excellent elasticity and shape retention at the sock cuff
• Micromolecular cushion loop (light cushion loop)
• Composition: Antibacterial Cotton (Cotton) 75%, Functional Fiber (Spandex) 25%

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Deo-double Plus© professional anti-bacterial and deodorizing technology
99.9% antibacterial even after 50 washes, anti-bacterial combed cotton x fully breathable fabric for enhanced moisture wicking.

Snug elastic cuff
LYCRA® snug elastic cuff, high elastic recovery rate, washable and abrasion-resistant, not easy to relax and slip off, better stretch effect.

Micro-Molecule Air Cushion for Heel
Micro-molecule air cushion with more precise and delicate needle count, thin but still has the function of cushioning, providing the soles of the feet with fine comfort and protection.

Italian Machine Stitch
Enhance toe comfort and extensibility, not easy to wear out.

Reserve Airflow Design
Reduces stuffiness with full circulation and breathability.


Washing Instructions
 30 degree standard wash
 Do not bleach
 Do not tumble dry
 Hang to dry in the shade
 Do not iron
 Do not dry clean

Washing Suggestion:
1. Turn the socks inside out and put them into a laundry bag before putting them into the washing machine.
2. Do not use softener, bleach, color-enhancing detergents, tea-tree essential oils or soaking.



Q1: Will my feet stop smelling after wearing anti-bacteria deodorant socks?
Foot health and contact with the first layer of skin of the socks are closely related to the general cotton socks, despite the ability to adsorb foot sweat, but long time stuffy shoes, but the formation of an environment that is prone to breeding bacteria, so wear a mixture of cotton and anti-bacterial fiber deodorant socks, in order to more effectively maintain the foot breathable and dry healthy environment, and reduce the incidence of odor.  

Q2: How to choose the thickness of the air cushion terry of the socks?
The thickness of the air cushion terry of Footer socks is divided into three types, namely "Full Thin", "Light Air Cushion" and "Thick Air Cushion", the thickness of the socks and the degree of moisture wicking affect each other, so please choose according to the amount of sweat and the wearing situation of the individual, and it is recommended that those who have a larger amount of sweat or need to stand for a long period of time to choose "Thick Air Cushion" socks, which can achieve the moisture wicking effect to meet the needs of your wearer and allow the feet to breathe without being stuffy; the sweat of the wearer can be smaller. Wearers with relatively less sweat can refer to "light cushion" socks; wearers who are less accustomed to cushion design can choose "full-thin" socks.

Q3: What are the circumstances under which wearing anti-bacterial deodorant socks is not effective?
If you need to wear non-breathable leather shoes, boots, steel-toed shoes, or safety shoes for a long time, even if the socks are good at absorbing moisture and wicking away sweat and are breathable, it is easy for your feet to become stuffy and hot, so it is recommended that you change socks more frequently to maintain the health of your feet.

Q4: Why are there lint and small hairballs after taking off the socks?
This phenomenon is more common in new socks, easy to walk and other activities due to the friction of the cotton yarn produce small hairballs, especially at the toes of the greater amount of sweat, so the cotton yarn sticking to the toes of the more common, but this will not affect the socks moisture absorption and deodorization effect, it is recommended that socks to the reverse side of the wash a few times can be slowly seen after the improvement.

Q5: What is the lifespan of anti-bacteria deodorant socks?
Socks are the same as other intimate apparel, we need to review the cycle of elimination according to the frequency of wear of each person, generally under normal wear, it is recommended to eliminate the replacement in about 10 months to 1 year.

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